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EZCarbo Keto - Breath ketone meters are becoming more and more popular because of their simplicity. You connect it to your computer via USB and blow into it. From there, it measures the acetate in your breath – giving a good indication of your ketone levels. Bacteria can accumulate in your mouth and in between your teeth when you don’t brush or floss regularly.

Keto dieters should avoid sugars, grains, starchy vegetables , fruits that are high in carbs or sugar , and most processed foods. Some keto dieters avoid beans and legumes, as they are generally high in carbs, while others eat certain varieties in small amounts.

Whether it’s because of the benefits of eating high fat and low carb, or because you feel justified in eating cheese all day long, keto has officially become one of the hottest diets around. Roehl is a fan of the keto diet, but she favors a Mediterranean version that features many colorful vegetables and substitutes healthier olive oil for some of the animal fat in the traditional ketogenic diet.

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