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Akash Aryson
Aug 25, 2021
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Outlook users protect their files with passwords to secure the data as they contain personal, financial, and business information. The Outlook PST file is not secure without a password. But Most of the time, we have to change the old password, after sharing the password with somebody else for some temporary needs or professional requirements. Outlook provides you an option to change or recover the old password. But this option is not helpful if you didn't remember the old password. In that case, only a professional password recovery tool can help you to Outlook data file password recovery. Manual Methods to Recover Outlook Password Step 1 : Open MS Office Outlook 2013 on your system. Step 2 : Go to Info tab, select Account Settings, and then click the Account Settings option. Step 3 : In the Account Settings dialog box, switch to Data Files. Step 4 :Highlight the Outlook data file (PST) for which users need to set up the password, and then click Settings option. Step 5 : On the Outlook File dialog box, click Change Password Option. Step 6 : On the Change Password dialog box, enter the password in both New Password and Verify the fields. Note: In case the password is already set, define that same password in the Old Password field to update it with the new one.) Step 7 : Click the OK button and save all the new settings. Note: Create a password for the mailbox and write it down somewhere that you do not forget it. In case you use this password, Microsoft will not be able to help you to recover it again. Drawbacks of Outlook Data file Password Recovery Manually This method may take a lot of time to recover the password. You should have the deep technical knowledge to follow and perform these steps. Professional Methods for Outlook Recovery Tool Aryson Outlook PST Repair is a professional tool by which you can easily recover your forgotten password as it is a risk free tool and provides various features for Outlook data. This software did not take a lot of time to recover the password and can be easily used just by following some simple steps. For this software you don’t need technical knowledge. Conclusion It is always a good practice to protect Outlook data files with a password. Sometimes, users forget their passwords and are unable to open PST files. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed different methods to recover PST files or lost Outlook data file passwords. By professional method we can easily perform the Outlook data file password recovery.

Akash Aryson

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