A Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) is a professional licence.  This licence allows you to fly commerically and be employed as a commercial pilot.  The CAA of NZ CPL is an ICAO recognised licence so if you are an international student you can convert this licence when you return home, if your country is also ICAO accrediated.

To obtain a CPL, you need to complete the six CPL Theory Subjects:

*Human Factors *Air Law *Meteorology *Principles of Flight *Navigation *General Aircraft Technical Knowledge

The duration of the CPL Flying component is approximatey twenty one weeks, but can vary due to weather delays and students ability.

Students must achieve a mark of 70% or better to pass each theory exam.  Students with English as a second language must complete and pass the PPL Theory Course prior to commencing the CPL Theory.  For all other students the PPL Examinations will be sat in conjunction with the CPL Examinations.

The course consists of 150 hours of flight time includng the flight test.  You will also complete the minimum requirements for the issue of a CPL, including basic Mountain Flying, Cross Country and Night Hours


You will also need to complete the ICAO English Proficiency Assessment and a minimum of 200 hours flight time covering the NZ CAA CPL Syllabus requirements.


NZAA offer you all the tools to train at either Ardmore Airport, Papakura or Kerikeri in the  Bay of Islands.

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